About Us

About Stone and Sawyer

We design and hand-produce stoneware ceramic table lamps in our studio in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


Julian Peploe and David Ryan are the vision behind Stone and Sawyer. As friends, designers and visual artists, they created the company to satisfy their search for the perfect lamp. Initially inspired by mid-century design and designers like Gunnar Nylund and Otto and Gerturd Natzler, David and Julian produced their first line of Stone and Sawyer lamps in 2014. As their collection has expanded, so has their design vocabulary, with forms referencing both earlier and later eras of the 20th-century. Their focus is on quality, integrity and craftsmanship, tenets that continue to shape their homegrown business.

When it came to naming the company, the partners wanted something that evoked both material and process. Stone refers to the stoneware ceramic of the lamps' handmade bodies. Sawyer is a nod to the hardwood used for the necks, caps and bases that accent many of their pieces.



David Ryan