About Us

Hailing from the UK and Detroit, Michigan, respectively, Julian Peploe and David Ryan are the vision and hands-on creators behind Stone and Sawyer. As friends, designers and visual artists, they were always in search of simple, beautiful, well-made lamps, finding over and over that the best examples were vintage pieces. Seeing this gap in the interiors market, they began designing their own lamps, expecting to find an exceptional ceramicist to produce them. Instead, the partners learned the craft themselves, introducing their first Stone and Sawyer lamps from their Catskills workshop in upstate New York in 2012.

As business owners, David and Julian believe in creating sustainable long-term jobs that pay above a living wage, create a healthy and comfortable quality of life, provide a symbiotic economic relationship with their local community, and maintain a small carbon footprint. Rounding out the Stone and Sawyer team are Derek, Erica, Tom B. and Tom P.—all born and raised in upstate New York—and Colleen, who, like David and Julian, has chosen to make her life in this beautiful corner of the country.

In addition to loving what they do, the Stone and Sawyer team is steadfastly focused on quality and integrity, building each lamp to bring beauty and light to generations.


David Ryan