Custom Glaze Palette

Welcome to our custom glaze palette. Below you will see that we have discontinued a few glazes—they are a little too inconsistent from firing to firing—however, we are currently working on a revised custom palette, which will have more range of color and surface. We expect to release this new palette in April 2024. Our custom glazes can be applied to any of our ceramic lamp bodies, making for an almost infinite range of possibilities. These glazes have been formulated to achieve beautiful character, range and surface quality. The chart indicates whether the surface of the glaze is satin, satin sheen, gloss or gloss crackle. It also includes a Benjamin Moore color comparison. As glazes (as opposed to paint) are achieved through organic chemical reactions at high temperatures, these color matches are very close but not exact. You should expect subtle variations in color and texture. To request a custom glaze tile on loan please contact us at