Our Finishes

We chose mid-fire stoneware as our primary medium because of its durability and its exceptional range of glaze character. Unlike painting, glazing is a chemical reaction that happens under heat and begets subtle differences every time. This hands-on process makes each of our lamps unique. We produce in small batches, each kilnload with its own set of nuanced details, color variations and character. Taking this into account, we carefully match lamp pairs so they partner well together. 

Our Core Glazes

Fossil Gray 

To achieve the refined finish of Fossil Gray, we apply multiple glazes in sequence, carefully firing the vessel. This can yield a vertical striation reminiscent of a Scandinavian hare's fur or a more even, speckled surface. The range is shown below.


Obsidian is a rich black satin glaze with a subtly crystalline surface.


White Quartz 

White Quartz is a satin glaze with an almost crystalline eggshell quality.


Our Charcoal is a rich dark gray with a quiet hint of sage. The glaze treatment at the top of each lamp body results in a range of beautiful textures and draping qualities.


Pigeon is a plush celadon/gray with a glossy surface. The top break on cylindrical forms and the base of some vessel forms take on a warm honey color before easing into the celadon of the main body. Each firing offers varying nuanced details, from solid color to lightly speckled patterns.

Special Surface Finishes

We have several custom surface treatments. Our Carved and Bouclé finishes are available on the Miller, Lancaster and Laurel bodies. Each one-of-a-kind hand-carved vessel is glazed in our rich, metallic Anthracite glaze. Our hand-carved Canyon finish in Obsidian is available on any of our cylindrical forms.


We offer three wood varieties: Walnut, Ebonized Walnut and White Oak. All of our wood components are locally milled and meticulously hand-turned and finished. We seal each piece to ensure that we preserve the wood’s character and integrity. Our White Oak has an even, consistent grain. Walnut exhibits a rich color and wide range of grain pattern and tone. Ebonized Walnut is a deep satin black that underscores the wood’s texture. All three make our lamps unique. We carefully match wood components when building pairs or multiple lamp orders.


Every solid brass component is hand-turned and finished in one of two finishes: Satin Brass or matte Blackened Brass.


Our lampshades are produced by hand by a family-owned company in the northeastern US. Each style of lampshade is available in White linen, Cream linen and Natural linen. The Natural linen has a heathered-gray appearance. The Cream is a warm white and the White is a bright, clean white. We match the metal hardware on our shades to the hardware on the lamp.