Our Process

We are continually refining our processes to ensure that each Stone and Sawyer lamp is made to surpass our clients' expectations.

We produce each stoneware lamp body in our workshop with scrupulous attention to detail. Ceramic as a material is highly responsive and we understand that from a vessel's inception, it must be handled and prepared with the utmost care and consistency to ensure that the final fired form, many steps later, is perfect. Each ceramic lamp body is hand sanded, leveled and sponged smooth prior to bisque firing. After 24 hours of firing, the vessels can be removed from the kiln, washed and checked for minor surface imperfections. Once we are satisfied that the entire surface is unblemished, it is ready for glazing. We glaze our ceramic bodies by spray application of many thin layers. The result is a very even and consistent coating that allows only the subtle range of character of the glaze itself to vary.

To ensure that the character of our brass hardware is enhanced and preserved, we resurface every component—some by hand, some on the lathe in our workshop—prior to sealing or blackening. Our Satin Brass hardware is sealed with a smooth satin finish. Our Blackened Brass hardware undergoes multiple plating processes, resulting in a rich, even satin-black finish.

We work exclusively with hardwoods for all necks, bases and caps on our lamps. Each piece is hand turned, finished and sealed to bring out its richness and character. Many of our wood components are custom turned to match the exact diameter of the fired ceramic lamp body.